8 Best Gifts for Men Under $50 You Should Grab Now

Finding the best gifts for men under $50 isn’t easy. YOU HAVE THE big present for your mom, your kids, and your girl locked down. But you should probably get one or two small things for your best bro, your siblings, and that co-worker who insists on doing a White Elephant at the office every year. Here are 8 of the best gifts for men you need to pick up now before time runs out on your holiday shopping.

The gift of socks is beyond practical for any fit friend and makes a great stocking stuffer for your sweetie. But if you’re going to give someone socks, make sure they’re beyond basic. FITS have no annoying toe seam and are designed to hug the contour of your foot, so they cushion your footbed and heel but not the arch. Made from anti-microbial, moisture-wicking merino wool, they’ll keep your feet warm and as stink-free as possible.

From your teenage nephew to your older parents, anyone with a smartphone could use a set of Bluetooth speakers. The GO offers JBL’s signature booming sound at a totally digestible price, and at the size of a small book (and with a five-hour rechargeable battery), you can use this speaker at home or toss it in a bag and take it on any adventure.

LifeProof’s simple design solves all struggles of the traditional fitness armbands. Gone are the days of taking your case off every time you have to slide your phone in the sleeve of your armband or battling the plastic to register your touch. Here, you just stick the small 3M-backed mount on the back of any case, and then mount your phone directly on the outside of the armband. Pop it in, flip a switch to secure it in place, and it’s just as easy to switch apps or change songs mid-workout as when your phone is in your hand.

The luggage and roof rack company is known for protecting your belongings against the beatings of travel, and their laptop cases are no different. The polyurethane hard shell has enhanced corner and edge protection and a padded inside, keeping your computer pristine against all bumps and dings. This case is made for a MacBook, but will fit most 13-inch laptops. And with a clamshell design, you can unzip and work on the beach or in the air with your laptop still protected.

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You don’t have to spend a lot to get a cool gift for your guy friends and family members. In fact, some of thebest gifts for men under $50 are the ones he may just love the most.

No matter what his likes and interests are, you can find the perfect gift for any occasion without breaking the bank.

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